About application Health1

Attach the application program and the result Health.java imag1.jpg image.

Get it from Microsoft
Get it from Microsoft

Get it from Microsoft

Get it on Windows 10


What makes this small application, Health1?

1.After launch the application, enter date of birth (year, month, day) typing on all the lists.

2.Push  phone , and  obtain the following information displayed on the screen phone:     – Number of days that have passed since the birth until today’s date: nday;

– Health status, based on an analysis of health cycles:

-Physical: 23 days;

– social: 28 days;

-Intellectual: 33 days;

– Conclusion: If you have one  zero, that person  be very careful, that day;     (Conclusions can be detailed, I stopped here, for this first version.)

3. If you want to insert another date of birth, press return .

4. This application is based on theory of bioritm.

(1897-1902  Hermann Swoboda , Wilhelm Fliess , Alfred Teltscher )


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